Where can I find guidance on measurement and evaluation?

A clarification of the principles of best practice in measurement can be found in our Statement of best practice in measurement and evaluation. This includes information on outcomes and outputs.

Do you have to be a CIPR member to enter the Excellence Awards?

No. The CIPR Excellence Awards are open to any organisation, company or individual connected to, or working within, the public relations or communications industries.

What internet browser should I use?

Google Chrome and Firefox are the best browsers to use. We recommend you avoid using Internet Explorer or Safari.

How do I upload my 1,000-word submission?

Once you’ve selected the category you’d like to enter on the award entry platform, the text boxes appropriate to that category are displayed onscreen. Please ensure you correctly add the text of your entry to the relevant fields.

How do I upload a video link/hyperlink as part of my entry?

Links should be included within the one PDF document of supporting material.

Why can I not upload a PDF/image?

The maximum size per file is 10MB. If you can see a red cross but the title of your upload is next to it, this means it has been uploaded. The red cross is there in case you need to delete the document you’ve uploaded.

What should I do if I uploaded my entry into the wrong category?

You must contact the team via email as soon as possible. Unfortunately, once the judging process has commenced, entry categories cannot be changed.

Do you offer feedback on entries?

If your entry isn’t shortlisted, we’re able to provide numerical scores as feedback, on request. Should your entry receive an average score of 3 or below, the judges will also provide a short written comment.

Does my entry remain confidential?

All judges are required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the judging period. If your entry is shortlisted, you’re asked at that stage to submit revised copy with confidential information removed. All winning entries are published on the CIPR website as case studies and may be used in subsequent media releases. All other entries are archived and may be used as future case studies (with the permission of entrants).

What happens if my entry is shortlisted?

We let you know if your entry is shortlisted in April 2019, when the shortlist is published online. You will then find out the winners at our black tie awards ceremony on Tuesday 25 June 2019.


Who judges the entries?

The judging of each category is done by two PR professionals.

The second stage of the process will have a group of PR professionals review each shortlist and determine the winners.

If someone in our organisation is a judge, can we still enter the awards?

Yes, but the judge doesn’t take part in the judging of any category in which you’ve entered.

Do I receive an acknowledgement confirming that you’ve received my entry?

Yes, we acknowledge receipt of entries by email within one week of the late closing date.

Do you accept international entries?

Yes, you can be based in any country worldwide.