Click on the links below to view the winning entries. Winners are selected based on both the 1,000 word entries and the panel interviews.

You’ll find a news release announcing the winners of the 2016 CIPR Excellence Awards in the CIPR newsroom.

To view photographs from the night, visit the Steve Pope Photography website and do the following:

  1. Click on the ‘Batch Download’ link (right-hand side of page).
    A window pops up prompting for a password.
  2. Enter password: “Billingsgate” (case sensitive).
  3. Select which images you wish to download.

Photography can also be found via our Facebook photo stream and images from the photobooth are available here.

Event video

WINNER - CYBG: "Introducing the UK's largest Challenger Bank"
WINNER - Northumbrian Water Group: "Introducing Nature Watch"
WINNER - Tin Man: "Pulling Power: Giving Advanced Driving Courses Sex Appeal"
WINNER - The NHS Sussex and Spirit: "#notQUITEanemergency"
WINNER - Ketchum and P&G: "Actions speak louder than words"
WINNER - MHP Communications: "Drop the Duty: a campaign to cut alcohol tax"
WINNER - WaterAid: "#ifmenhadperiods"
WINNER - Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust: "Alder Hey in the Park: The Future of Children's Healthcare"
WINNER - MHP Communications/Engine for NHS Blood and Transplant: "Missing Type"
WINNER - Teamspirit Public Relations: "Henderson Global Investors - Henderson Global Dividend Index"
WINNER - Battersea Dogs & Cats Home: "Dangerous dogs"
WINNER - Taylor Herring: "Fit Kwik"
WINNER - Kelso Consulting: "Black Friday website crashes"
WINNER - Brands2Life: "Outlining the future of government digital services for EMC"
WINNER - Pitch: "Betfair - Switching Saddles"
WINNER - University of Derby: "Guide to Expertise: connecting the media with academic expertise"
WINNER - Tin Man: "Pulling Power: Giving Advanced Driving Courses Sex Appeal"
WINNER - Mischief PR and The National Trust: "Creating the Nation's Ode to the Coast"
WINNER - University of Glasgow: "Social media promotion of the discovery of Gravitational Waves"
WINNER - VisitScotland: "Set in Scotland - A Film Fan's Odyssey"
WINNER - beetroot: "Outside In for Royal Bank of Scotland"
WINNER - Tin Man: "Sweet Success: Creating a Sunday Times Bestseller"
WINNER - Shaun Bell MCIPR, Stripe Communications
WINNER - Hilary Berg Found.Chart.PR, MCIPR, Hilary Berg Consulting