Built around the noble aim of ending avoidable blindness, this was an inspiring campaign that aligned with the values of the company in a way that was thoughtfully relevant. Building on what was already being done, they listened to staff and successfully brought together different stakeholders with competing agendas. The strapline was embedded in what the company does and the campaign was truly global, creatively executed, with credible and impactful measurement carefully tailored to the different markets.


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Brief and objectives:

Over 285 million people around the world suffer from visual impairment issues, but 80% of cases can be prevented or cured with the right treatment. Standard Chartered Bank takes a leading role in combating avoidable blindness via its charity, Seeing Is Believing, with a corporate goal in place to raise $100million in bank-matched funding by 2020.

The Playbook was briefed to use Standard Chartered’s sponsorship of Liverpool FC to create an integrated campaign to raise awareness, engagement and support for Seeing is Believing.

Specific campaign objectives:

  1. Deliver earned media coverage in key markets (UK, Asia, Africa) with a total reach of 3million
  2. Use digital channels to reach 10million people in key markets
  3. Raise a minimum of $100,000 for Seeing is Believing.


Rationale behind campaign, including research and planning:

Research demonstrated that if people don’t have personal empathy with a charitable cause, they are far less likely to engage with it and support it. With very few people in the developed world being directly affected by visual impairment, this was a potential stumbling block for the campaign.

We needed a campaign that would create that personal connection and sense of empathy, as well as generating awareness.

With the platform of Standard Chartered’s sponsorship of Liverpool FC available to work with, it made sense to target football fans, both in the UK and the other key markets.


Strategy and tactics, including creativity and innovation:

The strategy was to give Liverpool fans a sense of what life would be like without perfect sight, increasing their empathy with the Seeing is Believing cause.

Our creative interpretation of this strategy was to disrupt the everyday experience of fans by applying a ‘blurred vision’ filter to Liverpool FC content that they would usually be able to see 100% clearly.

We brought this theme to life through earned, owned and social media channels. A big focus on digital channels allowed the campaign to reach a global audience and meant that more information on Seeing is Believing (and the option to donate money) was just a click away.

The campaign centred on the Liverpool vs. Manchester United Premier League fixture, which took place just days after World Sight Day, providing a natural news hook and relevance for the media.


Implementation of tactics:

Launch Film:

We launched the campaign with a short film, which gave a first person perspective from Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, on the importance of having clear vision, along with a clear call to action to find out more about Seeing is Believing. The film was placed in multiple online media outlets, Liverpool FC’s digital channels and shared widely across social media.

Creative Imagery:

Our core campaign image featured three Liverpool FC players split into half. One half was perfectly clear, while the other used the blurred vision filter to demonstrate the impact of avoidable blindness. This was used in media alongside player interviews and across club channels including magazine and programme ads, email communications, Liverpoolfc.com web banners and across earned media.

Media Engagement – Experiential:

Key journalists were invited to take part in a specially created blindfolded football training session, overseen by Jurgen Klopp. This gave them a taste of life without perfect sight, and created rich content directly linked to the campaign. This resulted in coverage in Mirror.co.uk, MailOnline, Liverpool Echo, Daily Telegraph and SkySports.com. We also partnered with Premier League Productions, who syndicate content to more than 160 countries.

Player Interviews:

Maximising our access to three leading Liverpool players, interviews were negotiated with key global media, including five UK national newspapers and titles from markets of Kenya, Botswana and Singapore.

Match Day:

From the shirts worn by the players, to perimeter LED boards and match day programmes, we used all the assets at our disposal to further support the campaign, signposting fans in the stadium and around the world, towards Seeing is Believing.

Social Media:

As part of a collaborative social media plan with Liverpool FC, we worked with influential former players and celebrities to support the campaign by sharing content and expressing their support for the cause.


Demonstrate tangible benefits to the target audiences, including any sustainability:

The strategy delivered a campaign that significantly outperformed previous comparison years. There was a 487% increase in social mentions of Seeing is Believing, whilst charity donations were increased by 16%, providing more funds for the treatment of avoidable blindness in the developing world.

The strategy has laid a strong foundation that can be built on over the coming seasons.

Now the ‘blurred vision’ creative concept has been established, this will be developed further over future campaigns to create fresh impact but a recognisable look and feel.


Measurement and evaluation:

Earned Media:

  • 83 pieces of media coverage across seven different markets including Africa, Asia and Europe, with a total reach of 4.3million.

Digital Channels:

  • 50,000+ views of the Jurgen Klopp video
  • 18,000 social shares of campaign content
  • 5million total social audience reach
  • 487% uplift in ‘Seeing is Believing’ references on social media vs. previous year
  • Over 3,500 referrals to the website in the first 14 days of the campaign.


  • $110,000 raised during the campaign period, the most successful to date.


Budget and cost effectiveness:

Total budget £32,000 including agency fees and production.

3:1 ROI based on fundraising total.