Dynamo isn’t just doing fantastic work – they’re tapping into new and exciting areas, such as crowdfunding, and new geographies, such as Silicon Valley. In just five months in the US, they’ve been able to carve a niche in the industry and be ranked one of the country’s top 50 tech PR agencies. They’re setting an example for the rest of the industry with their diversity and inclusion policies which include name-blind CVs and publishing their gender pay gap. True to their word, they are “disruptive and progressive”, making them an agency that everyone needs to be watching.


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Date of incorporation, number of employees – including executive / support staff – and annual fee income:

Dynamo Communications Ltd. 2011.

20 staff in total: four CEOs and operations, seven senior staff, eight managers and six entry-level staff.

Annual fee income for 2016/17: £1,666,453.


Business objectives and analysis of performance against budget over the past three years:

Dynamo worked with the Government’s Growth Accelerator to develop SMART objectives for 2016. We had three core objectives:

  1. Launching our US office
  2. Growing income above £1.5m
  3. Retain and develop staff.

SMART Objective: Launch Dynamo US office, located in Silicon Valley with agreed staff and legal passed, by December 2016:

In September 2016, Dynamo officially opened the US office after two years of planning and talking to US lawyers, three months ahead schedule. The new team of four has already signed over $125,000 worth of business. The team also supported clients at CES in Las Vegas this year.

SMART Objective: Grow income to above £1.5m, agreed with staff in April 2016, time bound by end of 2016:

Dynamo hit £1M in revenue faster than any other year in 2016 and has seen double-digit growth annually since launching in 2011.Despite a challenging year with multiple clients affected by Brexit, Dynamo starts 2017 with a revenue of £1,666,453. Our profit margin is 19%, significantly above industry average.

SMART Objective: Improve staff development, training and diversity, measure this by staff retention and launch a pioneering diversity programme by October 2016:

Staff retention: 90% in 2016 and staff growth has increased by 35% over the last three years. Dynamo is the first agency to reveal the Gender Pay Gap. In January 2017, Dynamo Won PRWeek’s Best Place to Work.


A brief overview of business / team strategy:

Dynamo’s business objectives follow the SMART targets structure.

Specific: To increase company growth through revenue, staff hires and new business; to expand agency roster and open up new consumer divisions. Have an international presence and open offices overseas.

Measurable: Increase revenue and profit margins significantly according to industry average.

Achievable: Expand client roster – this is instrumental in increasing revenue and staff growth. Work with disruptor companies and larger brands to open up new divisions for the agency and be in-line with competitors.

Realistic/Relevant: Look at industry trends in consumer technology and meet consumer needs. Digital and Social Media were also key areas to implement, considering the increase in PR agency convergence in 2016/17.

Time based: Targets to be met and reviewed within the financial year between April to April annually.


A summary of commitment to CPD and professionalism:

Over the last year, Dynamo has provided training consisting of a mix of CIPR and PRCA-accredited courses, in-house training and external trainers including The Amber Group. To expand our digital offering, our Digital Account Manager attended a week-long intensive course at the General Assembly. Staff also regularly attend “Lunch & Learn” sessions covering a variety of topics and frequently guest starring industry speakers. In 2017, Dynamo committed to setting up “Dynamo Academy”, which focuses on internal training with PRCA.

For the last two years, Dynamo has been the first agency to reveal the gender pay gap to highlight equality within the company. Diversity is a key focus for the company and we aim to lead the industry with progressive working practices, including name-blind CVs. In 2017, Dynamo began working with Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby on a not-for-profit basis, diversifying work within the agency and supporting a charitable organisation.


A summary of recent outstanding achievements, including client list growth / retention:

Opening the US office in September 2016 was a significant highlight. Within three months six clients have been acquired, turning over $125,000+ revenue.

In November 2016, Dynamo announced that over $30M has been raised for our crowdfunding campaigns, making us one of the most successful agencies in the world for crowdfunding PR.

Diversifying into Fashion and EdTech by securing retained clients KNOMO, as well as pi-top, the company behind build-your-own Raspberry Pi laptop. Dynamo hit £1M in revenue faster than any year in its history.

In January 2017, Dynamo won gold in PRWeek’s ‘Best Place to work’. Francis Ingham, CEO of the PRCA, praised the team for ‘progressive and comprehensive policies.’ The agency was also praised for going to great lengths to accommodate members of staff with disabilities, including adjusting hours and workload.


A summary of a campaign you are particularly proud of, including details of the brief, objectives, strategy, tactics, outputs, outcomes and budget:

Bathrooms.com came to Dynamo when they had been de-indexed by Google. It caused traffic to the site to dwindle and impacted orders as a result – a massive issue for the 10 year old business.

Dynamo’s task was clear – create original newsworthy content, providing organic ‘natural’ links that Google would recognise and rank highly. This would help reverse the penalty and allow them to even conquer competitors, many of whom had also been hit by Google’s update.

Dynamo came up with an idea to own the popular keyword ‘bathroom suites’ by playing on the common misspelling where people search ‘bathroom sweets’ instead. There were three key output phases for the campaign:

  1. Creating ‘Bathroom Sweets’ – Dynamo worked with a renowned chocolatier to create a life-sized chocolate bathroom suite. We developed the microsite in-house and featured commissioned 3D CGI imagery of the proposed suite
  2. Accreditation – We also worked with the Plain English Campaign to add grammatical authority. Using its own research to show that suites/sweets spelling confusion was third in the top ten of English spelling mistakes
  3. Media Launch – Finally, a media event to launch the campaign was hosted in central London, alongside a media sell-in of the bespoke imagery and chocolate bathroom “stats”, such as an £80,000 price tag and a 9.4 million calorie count. The campaign was also supported with bylines and competitions on social media to win chocolate ducks.

Dynamo generated coverage from over 200 titles around the world. The added SEO from this PR led to a 60% increase in search traffic, a 97% uplift in Facebook traffic and a jump in ranking from number 6 to number 2 on Google Search. It was this campaign that took us through to the next level as an agency, and into a medium agency size.

In total the campaign, including microsite design, CGI images and outreach, was budgeted at £12,000.