The brand created culture and gifted it to the world, as well as adding value to the arts. This was an event everyone wishes they could have thought of – interesting and artistically valid, carried out with integrity. The event really communicated the AI capabilities of the product – a really risky thing to do, with the possibility of so many things that could have gone wrong, but they pulled it off with great success.


  • 3 Monkeys Zeno and Corona
    Wave of Waste
  • Liverpool City Council
    Liverpool’s Dream – a GIANT success
  • NDA
    NDA Stakeholder Summit
  • Smarts Communicate and Diageo Reserve
    World Class ‘Bartender of the Year’ Competition
  • Taylor Herring and Greggs
    Gregory & Gregory: Undercover Greggs
  • Teamspirit and Fidelity
    Women and Money Innovation Labs
  • Vital Marketing and Marston’s Brewery
    Beer Town Film Festival

Winner entry:

Brief and objectives:

Huawei set Red Consultancy a challenge to make the impossible possible using its smartphone AI.


  1. Create a ‘world first’ moment that shows how Huawei technology is pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible
  2. Showcase the intelligence of Huawei’s devices in a consumer-friendly way
  3. Demonstrate that combining technological innovation with human expertise can have a positive impact on modern art and culture.

The idea, research and planning:

The brief was to come up with an activation that would make the impossible, possible while showcasing how Huawei is using the power of AI to push the boundaries of what is humanly possible.

The team researched historical AI stories to consider what we could make possible with the combination of our intelligent technology and human expertise. The activation needed to be relatable to a broad, non-tech focused audience, so our research spanned different areas where we could have an impact within modern culture.

The winning idea was to combine the power of AI and human expertise to finish a famously unfinished piece of music – Schubert’s Symphony No.8.

Commonly known as the ‘Unfinished Symphony’, it has remained incomplete for 197 years, and remains one of the most intriguing pieces of unfinished symphonic music of all time.

By finishing the symphony using Huawei’s AI technology and a composer, this would be the first time in the world AI has been used to finish a classical piece of music. If we could do this what else could our smartphone technology make possible?


Using the power of AI, Huawei taught its Mate 20 Pro smartphone to compose the final two movements of Schubert’s (unfinished) Symphony No. 8.

Huawei worked with composer Lucas Cantor to ensure the final movements stayed true to Schubert’s style. We created an experiential moment at London’s World famous Cadogan Hall, when media across Europe would hear the completed symphony played for the first time.

Before the performance, Huawei hosted an expert Q&A chaired by Myleene Klass, discussing how the project has opened up conversation about the further possibilities AI could bring in wider culture.

Strategy, tactics, creativity and innovation:

The approach was to kick start a conversation about what we’d achieved, starting online with the release of a teaser film seeded across PR and social and resulting in an initial coverage wave building anticipation ahead of the performance.

400+ media and KOLs, including classical music critics, were invited to the world first performance of Schubert’s Symphony No. 8, finished using the power of AI, our composer and performed by the 67-piece English Session Orchestra.

Putting on a performance of this scale with hundreds of attendees allowed Huawei to create a ‘world first’ moment that dominated the headlines across the Globe and allowed the brand to own the AI conversation.

Campaign laydown – tactics:

TEASE (January 23rd-28th): Social content:

  • Stories
  • Film
  • Stills

Social tease content to drive anticipation and intrigue ahead of the reveal.

REVEAL (January 28th): Reveal & PR launch:

  • Press release
  • Media reveal Film
  • Reveal Film
  • Instagram stories
  • Live pages with campaign information & film

Teaser film revealed more information about the project, giving an initial wave of coverage and generating excitement pre-event.

LAUNCH (4th February): Live concert:

  • 400+ media attendees
  • Instagram Stories
  • Stills
  • Interactive Instagram content

Created a moment which allowed media and influencers to experience the performance first hand, driving coverage and SOV globally.


  • Press release
  • Celebration video
  • Audio file with recording of live concert
  • Social celebration video including live concert
  • Updated pages with campaign information and video.

Content from the live event shared across all channels, with a call to action to find out more on the website and listen to the performance.

Live event details:

To give attendees an immersive experience, Cadogan Hall was transformed including installations showcasing the juxtaposition between old and new; paying homage to Schubert while showcasing the possibilities of what can be achieved when you combine technology with human expertise. Lighting was used to let the audience know when Schubert’s original composition ended, and Huawei’s AI composed movements began.

After the Q&A, the orchestra performed the ‘finished’ Symphony, resulting in a standing ovation from the crowd.

Delivery, including details of design, production and support teams employed:

A team of experts worked together to bring the project to life, including:

  • Huawei WEU PR team
  • Red Consultancy PR & Shiny Red team
  • In-house creative team (Red Create)
  • INCA – event production team
  • Kerve – tech/AI support
  • Bronze – AI in music experts
  • Professor Mick Grierson – Professor in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths
  • Lucas Cantor – composer

Measurement and evaluation:

Relations to objectives:

Create a ‘world first’ moment that shows how Huawei technology is pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible

  • 1719 pieces of coverage achieved globally with a reach of 946M (so far)
  • 5M views of teaser film & content (so far)
  • “Who has dared to do this has been the Chinese telephone company Huawei, thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise.” El Mundo
  • ‘‘The Chinese company has turned its attention to music. It spent the last six months teaching an AI to finish the Schubert’s Symphony No. 8 – the famously uncompleted composition.’’ Metro.

Showcase the intelligence of Huawei’s devices in a consumer-friendly way

  • Coverage achieved across national & consumer titles including mailonline (UK), El Pais (ES), Glamour (FR), (ITA) and broadcast in the likes of RTVE (ES), Atena 3 (ES) and SIC (PT).

Demonstrate that combining technological innovation with human expertise can have a positive impact on modern art and culture

  • ‘‘To demonstrate the technology in their smartphones, Huawei set themselves the challenge of finishing one of the most famous incomplete works in musical history.’’ Classic FM
  •  “No musician or composer had ever succeeded in this enterprise. Huawei signed this ‘Unfinished Symphony’ thanks to an AI model which benefits from the processing power of Mate 20 Pro”