This was an original and creative approach to producing content that not only connected with the audience and brand, but drove a palpable impact on sales. By propelling a 50 year old product into significant views within 48 hours, this content drove real debate and meaningful engagement, and met a challenging brief with impressive results.

Mark of Excellence:

  • Man Bites Dog and Korn Ferry
    The Global Talent Crunch

A true example of best-in-class B2B thought leadership campaign, with a raft of data-led content and toolkits that not only shifted the image of KornFerry as a business, but delivered truly impressive results in terms of revenue and international business opportunities.


  • Bring Digital
    Ann Summers – The 30-day Sex Position Challenge
  • Fever
    NOW TV x Netflix – Let’s Stick Together
  • Ketchum and Samsung UK
    #MakeChange with Samsung
  • Propellernet
    Music Mapped
  • Taylor Herring and Greggs
    Gregory & Gregory: Undercover Greggs
  • Vodafone Group

Winner entry:

Brief and objectives:

Tampering with well-loved, time-honoured classic recipes is normally a route to disaster for food brands… So, if you’re going to do it you might as well incite the arguments rather than wait for them. And so it was when McDonald’s decided to follow-up their record-breaking ‘Big Mac turns 50’ campaign by adding bacon to the all-conquering, undisputed burger king. Disrespecting in the process 51 years of taste tradition.

The brief was simple:

  1. Start some ‘big beefs’ using a content play
  2. Win a prime time-level audience and sales to match
  3. Spend lower league sums to achieve premier league profile.

The idea, research and planning:


  • McDonald’s is above all a family affair
  • In the matter of bust-ups and beefs the biggest are family feuds
  • And family arguments are what drives the millions to soaps and reality TV.

So to dramatise the opposing sides in the Big Mac Bacon debate we needed a famous family. A famous family not afraid to kick-off about the big questions, a famous family who won’t rise above a ‘patty’ dispute and a famous family unafraid to comment on each other’s rash-er decisions. Enter father and son football legends Harry Redknapp and Jamie Redknapp.

Strategy, tactics, creativity and innovation:

Our famous father and son took opposing sides right from the first whistle. Harry – newly crowned King of the (Celebrity) Jungle – but ever the traditionalist refused to countenance change in a winning line-up and came out for team #notabigmac. Jamie – Sky pundit and housewives’ favourite – a natural moderniser donned the colours of team #stillabigmac with a place for bacon in his first team.

The ‘match’ took place in Dad’s SUV on the way to their local McDonald’s. Jamie gently probing Harry’s defences on the subject of adding bacon to the Big Mac. Harry firmly repelling his bacon barrister son’s attacks. All the way up to the decision at the McDonald’s drive-through their c.50 seconds of family frustration and intergenerational conflict prefigured the soon to come national conversation : Is a Big Mac with Bacon Still a Big Mac?


At launch we gave the content to the Mirror Facebook as an exclusive and it now has 349,000 views to date.

We used the positive Twitter commentary, and shared this as part of our wider media outreach leading to incredibly strong pieces of coverage in the high-reaching titles Daily Mail, Mirror and The Sun.

We also saw pieces land from our outreach with niche titles such as Caught Offside, and worked on a partnership with Extra Time Management to seed the 15 second Transfer Deadline Day short video out to relevant influencers and sites. To date the content has 1,186,200 views, which is 82.5% over the predicted results.

A Gorkana Poll of 1,000 respondents conducted one-week after launch found that 22% of UK public had seen Harry and Jamie as a duo, or individually, ‘supporting Big Mac Bacon’.

Measurement and evaluation:

Over 10m views to date Instagram content totalled over 2m organic views after 48 hours. 187,965 engagements to date (including 9,850 comments). Jamie Redknapp’s Instagram post has had 1.08m views (against 1m follower numbers). There was 3-4 times more engagement on Jamie’s content than usual – with over 20 celebrities including Niall Horan commenting.

The sentiment of comments was overwhelmingly positive, engaged with the debate or neutral 5 pieces of media coverage talking about Jamie’s content Their best performing post was the 1 min edit of the Jamie and Harry video, producing the highest engagement rate and a very high completion rate of 30% The campaign on FB has been very effective with a CPM of £1.73 and cost per video view under 1p.

Budget and campaign impact:

Budget for the campaign (including talent and agency fees) – £156,000.

Sales were way above projection, with 977,000 Big Mac’s sold in 48 hours We saw an incredible reaction from the PR and digital sectors, with Stuart Porro stating how McDonald’s are ‘crushing it’ Content shared via LinkedIn garnered 450,000+ views. PRWeek featured our news, James Herring posted the campaign on PR Examples, Andrew Bloch tweeted about it and Ediz Osman, Paid Director OMD, said the Jamie video was the ‘best performing piece of content’ he had seen in his career.

Louise Page, Head of Campaigns at McDonald’s UK&I, said: “With over 1 million organic views in the first 24 hours, the Harry and Jamie Redknapp content is our most successful piece of influencer content to date and truly kicked the campaign off in style. The public response has been fantastic and has been reflected in sales of Big Mac – with and without bacon. Generating this much excitement for a product that has been sold in the UK for 45 years isn’t an easy brief – but I am delighted with the results so far and excited with what’s still to come.”