Gregory & Gregory challenged perceptions of the Greggs brand very successfully and galvanised passive fans of the brand. They helped develop a passionate tribe culture for Greggs and incorporated a lovely classlessness to it with its inherent humour. Revelation marketing at its best with a really campaignable idea.


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Winner entry:

Brief and objectives:

Greggs is a popular food-on-the-go retailer, but consistently has difficultly in landing the message that they offer healthy, balanced-choice items, alongside those infamous sausage rolls and steak bakes.

In the summer of 2018, Greggs added new summer salads and a vegan wrap to their Balanced Choice range and briefed Taylor Herring to create a campaign that would:

  • Raise awareness and drive sales of its Balanced Choice menu with consumers
  • Secure widespread national UK media coverage and strong social media engagement across both owned and earned channels
  • Change customer perception to make clear Greggs also offers good-quality, healthy food, yet still maintaining Greggs’ friendly and warm tone of voice.

The idea, research and planning:

Greggs is famous for its simple, good value food and has a broad customer base with shops in numerous locations across the UK. Our goal was to find a fun, creative way to tell the story about the new nutritionally-balanced range. We wanted to talk to existing customers but also to challenge misconceptions from members of the public who were not, as of yet, Greggs converts. We took inspiration from hipster-style brands that trial new products at food festivals.

Strategy, tactics, creativity and innovation:

The strategy was born out of one simple organising thought: What would happen if we tried out the new range on people that would scoff at the idea of ever stepping foot in Greggs? We’d take Greggs along to a gourmet food event and capture the reactions on film.

Having considered various events, we settled on Foodies Festival – a prestigious event held in West London’s Syon Park. Foodies Festival line up was set to feature MasterChef Winners, Michelin starred chefs and artisanal producers from all over the UK. It’s an event that pulls in thousands of gourmets and the perfect place to showcase Greggs’ new menu.

Implementation & Creativity However – for our experiment to succeed we would need to go undercover and so, in order to blend in, Greggs would need an upmarket makeover. Going incognito would enable us to facilitate a blind taste-test on the capital’s most discerning palates and capture their true thoughts and reactions to the various products on camera.

A key to success would be a credible new name and brand identity and after some debate we settled on Gregory & Gregory. There was nod to the current name but with a sleek new design it felt dramatically different to the Greggs brand and had that ‘independent eatery’ feel. Our restaurant would resemble a cool artisan delicatessen and we’d offer up sample dishes in tapas bowls and on tasting spoons. Everything would be beautifully garnished and served on distressed slate and driftwood. The fancy new logo was applied to create smart branded uniforms, menus and even a delivery van. But what would our die-hard foodies think of the various dishes? Well thankfully, they loved it all.


In the film (which we produced in-house at Taylor Herring) it was key to find the right tone of voice in the edit. It was a fine balance to ensure the public would laugh along, as we gently poked fun at the occasional pompousness of the high-end gourmand, but also tried to avoid being mean-spirited.

Genuine reactions from festivalgoers were cut into a snappy, entertaining and light-hearted video, putting the new menu range front and centre. At 6am on launch day, we switched the profile and cover photo on Greggs’ social feeds to the new ‘Gregory and Gregory’ brand identity. The logo-change fuelled instant conversation from fans who were intrigued by the new identity.

The story, along with picture and video assets, were then released to news outlets across print, online and broadcast. Special cuts were created for Greggs’ Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter and Facebook. A product drop of the range was coordinated to arrive at media houses just before lunchtime to showcase the taste and quality of the items.

Measurement and evaluation:

Over 3 million views and a reach of 4 million of the Gregory and Gregory video across earned media and owned social media channels with a huge engagement rate of 25%.

100+ pieces of high-value UK media coverage were secured, including Mail Online, Metro, The Sun, Daily Record, Express Online, Daily Star, National Student, Heart FM, Rock FM and Huffington Post.

As a result of the campaign social conversation surrounding Greggs spiked for the rest of month eclipsing all competitors. Over 11 million impressions were generated on Twitter alone, with universally positive sentiment.

Budget and campaign impact:

Salad sales across the range increased by 137% in the days following. Sales of the two salads that featured in the Gregory and Gregory video (lemon & herb, feta & beetroot) increased by 250% and 219% respectively.