The Deliveroo and Missing People UK #Ride2find campaign stood out as it worked on many levels. The two organisations’ objectives combined created a perfect pairing. Together, they counteracted previously negative impressions of Deliveroo and raised the profile of a worthwhile charity competing against many for share of mind. The results were stand-out, with significant positive press coverage and engagement from an array of high-profile unpaid influencers. It was a campaign they can, quite rightly, be proud of.


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Winner entry:

Brief and objectives:

Food delivery service Deliveroo is known for quirky PR stunts and stories, highlighting its delicious food options and amazing rider teams, but they’re often the poster child for gig-economy and zero-hour contract news.

Deliveroo customers are tech savvy, town and city dwelling under the age of 50, engaged in news and culture.

Objectives were to hero the riders and drive brand love.

The idea, research and planning:

Tried to help Deliveroo rise above the competition and daily news cycle and further establish itself within the hearts of Brits. Riders are prevalent; their bags are seen more than some billboards. If we were to treat them as that, what would we do?

Talker Tailor Trouble Maker launched a partnership between Deliveroo and Missing People UK putting the faces of missing people on the backpacks of OVER 300 riders across the UK.

The campaign helped return five people to their families in 31 days, delivered 550+ pieces of positive BRAND coverage and increased sign-ups to the Missing People UK text alert service by 2000% year on year.

Strategy, tactics, creativity and innovation:

Approached Missing People UK in July to create a unique partnership with Deliveroo, putting the faces of missing people on rider backpacks at Christmas. To families and friends of missing loved ones, the holidays is one of the hardest times of the year. Appeals would be chosen, designed, printed and mounted to rider back-packs in record time for Deliveroo. They’d also be removed as soon as a person was found, be waterproof and couldn’t fall-off or look tatty.

The partnership would include the use of imagery and stories of missing people, the feeding of volunteers and staff in December, an internal comms campaign encouraging Deliveroo riders to sign-up to a text alert service and the addition of a Missing People UK restaurant to the app and website – a first for Deliveroo. Worked with the charity to identify a number of case studies suitable for the campaign, some long-term stories ensuring story consistency over launch and a a selection of short-term appeals to increase relevance and opportunity for success.

We included four additional cities (London North/South, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol) with the highest propensity of riders to increase opportunities to see. UK riders were notified about the campaign through email, text and messenger.

Positive response was bigger than any previous partnership presented. #ridetofind helped unify the campaign on social, but we knew the idea was bigger than a # and simple enough to get, without it.


At launch we identified a family who wished to support the campaign (Lee Boxall’s family) and were willing to be sensitively interviewed. Missing People UK CEO Jo Youle and Deliveroo Director of Policy Emma Simmonds were offered to press and filmed pre-launch. B-roll and photography, created with the Press Association included the poster creation process, rider briefing, riding past iconic landmarks and interviews with both CEO’s and the family of a missing person.

For the first time in its history, we convinced Deliveroo to launch a #ridetofind restaurant on its platform for people to donate directly. Each ‘meal’, priced £5 to £250 was attributed to real change for the charity i.e. ‘£30 allows Missing People UK to staff a phone line for 24hrs over Christmas’. The ‘restaurant’ raised over £16,0000 in a month.

Following launch, it was important to have a second spike of coverage when tyres hit the tarmac. Photography of riders in front of local landmarks including Media City and the Bull Ring, Birmingham ensured regional relevance. Spokespeople and case studies were offered again to local media. We contacted a number of influential figures across politics and pop culture to garner unpaid support. The Lord Mayor of London tweeted, including a Deliveroo credit, shared over 50 times. High-profile supporters included The Home Office, Tom Brake MP, Jodie Kidd, Kirsty Gallagher, Rosie Fortescue and Natalie Pinkham, each tweeting #ride2find. Over 200 influencers engaged in the campaign socially in just a month.

A message sent to riders allowed them to opt-in to the Missing People UK text alert service which sends notifications of local missing people. This was part of a 2000% year on year sign-up increase in December. As the campaign got traction, success stories filtered through of people found: not all positive. A separate news announcement followed-up on individual cases. It was not possible – due to subject sensitivity – to speak about individuals, but media were still responsive that people had been found. In total, five people were found with support from Deliveroo, Missing People UK and local authorities.

Measurement and evaluation:

  • +500 pieces of positive, branded coverage 224 pieces of positive broadcast coverage, including Sky, ITV News, BBC and LBC (reaching +50m listeners).
  • 49 pieces of national print and digital news including The Mail Online, LadBible, The Guardian, The Sun, Metro, Huffington Post and iPaper.
  • Deliveroo’s most positive brand coverage for a single campaign.
  • 45million followers reached on social via shares and posts related to the partnership.
  • 100% positive sentiment on social.
  • £16,000+ raised in 31 days for Missing People UK through the Deliveroo app and platform alone, the first time the brand has ever launched a donation restaurant.
  • Most engaged internal comms campaign in the brand’s history.
  • 2000% year on year increase in sign-ups to the Missing People UK text alert service.
  • 18% increase in web traffic to Missing People UK year on year, 28% increase in visitors to the ‘Help us Find’ page.
  • At the beginning of the campaign we ran a media audit to understand the negative reputation of the riders. On completion we ran the media audit again and perception had shifted positively for 30% of interviews.
  • 171% increase in traffic year on year to the appeals of those featured in the PR and on bikes vs. other appeals.
  • Of the 17 appeals featured, five people were found.
  • Roll-out across the world.

“Having someone you love go missing is devastating and especially hard at times of family celebration. We’re very grateful for Deliveroo displaying Matthew’s appeal and if one empty chair can be filled at a family’s Christmas table this year it will have been a success.” Karen Fasseau, mother of Matthew Bone.

Budget and campaign impact:

£10,000 – TOTAL:

£4,000 – Agency fee
£1,000 – Content creation / credit
£4,000 – Design and production of backpack posters
£1,000 – food for Missing People staff