This campaign stood out for its creative simplicity and outstanding results. Brilliantly simple and well executed with evidence of great storytelling across earned and social media. It was a PR-only campaign with real potential to grow both in the UK and internationally. From a standing start – in terms of awareness – and a challenging subject matter, this campaign achieved measurable outcomes that delivered direct benefits for its organisation.


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Winner entry:

Brief and objectives:

M&F Health, working for BAPEN and the Malnutrition Task Force, was briefed to create the first ever UK Malnutrition Awareness Week (MAW):

  • To raise awareness amongst the general public of the risks and symptoms of malnutrition in older people by generating media and social media coverage
  • To drive people to BAPEN’s online, self-screening tool to understand more about their risk status demonstrable by an increase in visits
  • To secure the future for UKMAW by securing support from the clinical nutrition and malnutrition community for MAW2019

The idea, research and planning:

One in ten older people is at risk of malnutrition but it is rare that this subject is covered in the media. BAPEN and the Malnutrition Task Force decided to tackle this with an integrated awareness campaign to expose ‘malnutrition myths’ to the public, and energise the nutrition community.

Strategy, tactics, creativity and innovation:

Strategy 1 – Empower health and social care professionals to stage local events and provide materials for them to use in interactions with older people.

Tactic 1 – Developed a suite of x7 new materials (leaflets, posters and flyers) to be housed on the BAPEN website for health, social and community care professionals and signposted through BAPEN channels.

Targets 1 – x500 downloads of materials and confirmed participation of 25 local teams.

Strategy 2 – Create a sense of momentum on social media with rich content, support from partners and members of the community to help show the potential for MAW.

Tactics 2 – Developed x30 items of content (infographics, statgraphics and quotegraphics) and a motion-graphic to share survey findings, provide contextual statistics and provide support, hints and tips. Set-up mechanism for community members to post supportive selfies.

Targets 2 – #MAW2019 reach of 4 million, #MAWconversations reach of 200,000, x50 community selfies and engagement from key stakeholders on social media

Strategy 3 – Highlight the prevalence of dangerous malnutrition myths and make a disruptive call to action to command the media agenda.

Tactics 3 – Conducted a public survey to expose a series of ‘malnutrition myths’ (able to demonstrate that ‘healthy eating’ messages are dangerously pervasive in society to the potential harm of vulnerable people). Created a ‘disruptive’ call to action to ‘let them eat cake’ from BAPEN, and managed risk.

Targets 3 – Achieve reach of 30 million+ including x3 national dailies (print and online), x1 national broadcast, x10 regional broadcast, achieve key message penetration of 60% and achieve 60% inclusion of spokesperson.


A sequenced approach to achieving partnership, endorsement and support enabled the voice of the campaign to stretch much further than through BAPEN’s channels alone.

A consistent approach to signposting to the self-screening tool ensured end outcomes.

Measurement and evaluation:

Strategy 1 – exceeded all targets:

  • 3,624 downloads of materials during September and October
  • Promoted in x10 BAPEN newsletters in preceding months (total open numbers of 1,985)
  • Secured advance mentions in stakeholder newsletters and publications

Strategy 2 – exceeded all targets:

  • 12.2 million+ opportunities to see on social media (including reach of 135.5K from BAPEN Twitter handle)
  • Engagement from key stakeholders on social media
  • 52 settings staged local activities and shared pictures of their local activity on social media
  • 68 #MAWconversations selfie cards shared

Strategy 3 – exceeded all targets:

  • 63 million+ opportunities to see (x4 national dailies in print, x3 online, x1 national TV news, x1 national radio, x18 regional TV, x14 regional radio features, x16 other regional/professional media)
  • 63% of coverage included key message ‘over a million (1 in 10) over 65s are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition’
  • 40% of radio and 100% of national print and online coverage featured a BAPEN interview

Budget and campaign impact:

There were 468 visits to the self-screening site during MAW compared to average of 68 per week throughout the rest of 2018 (including 244 people at high or medium risk all of whom would have been immediately directed to visit a healthcare professional to seek help).

“The importance to us of this achievement cannot be overstated. Our website analytics for the self-screening tool show that a great many people found out whether or not they are at risk as a direct result of this campaign.“ Kate Hall, Communications Officer, BAPEN.

“The reach achieved by M&F on behalf of BAPEN was fantastic and a real achievement in an area that often lacks a voice to the wider community. M&F Health have provided BAPEN and the malnutrition community with a strong platform to achieve future success.” Dr Trevor Smith, President, BAPEN