Ready10’s distinctive proposition is clearly delivered through its business model, staff development programme and client work. Their exciting client base has delivered strong financial performance for the consultancy, as well as a commitment to delivering to their clients’ bottom lines. The judges were struck by the personalised nature of its benefits package, particularly the recognition that its young staff team require a different approach to support and development, which is borne out in very low staff turnover and track record of internal promotions.


  • Firebird PR
  • Genesis PR
  • Harris
  • Munch
  • Smoking Gun
  • SPEY
  • Stone Junction

Winner entry:

Number of employees – including executive / support staff – and annual fee income:

Current number of employees including support staff: 18.

Fee income for last financial year (ending March 2018): £711,000 – 17.5% ahead of target and 204% Year-on-Year growth.

Business objectives and analysis of performance against budget over the past three years:

Paddy Power, MoneySuperMarket, AXA: these are just some of the brand names that have signed up for Ready10’s unique PR-for-SEO approach since our launch in April 2016. We weren’t just launching a new agency when we started – we were launching a new way of doing PR.

Almost three years in, we have shown we are not agency of bluster or style over substance. We’ve shown that we’re not just a flash in a pan. Rather, our continual growth, financial performance and strong culture vindicates our new approach to PR.

As well as eye-catching campaigns, we have shown a strong financial performance in everyone of our first three years with continual growth and impressive profitability. We have beaten our annual targets every year since we started.

Financial performance:

  • Fee income for last financial year (ending March 2018): £711,000 – 17.5% ahead of target and 204% Year-on-Year growth
  • Estimated fee income for current financial year with one month to go (ending March 2019): £1,035,000 – 45% annual growth & 20% margin.

A brief overview of business / team strategy:

Our Client mission:

For clients, we focus on the relationship between what we describe as the “new media power couple” of PR & SEO. This is an area that we believe is untapped and unrecognised by many agencies – that the very best SEO results are generated by the most genuine, shareable, creative content…which PR has been doing for years.

Creating campaigns with impact:

Our mission is to create impact in three ways. We call it Hearts, Minds & Bottom Lines and all our output is through that lens:

  • Hearts: Identifying the insights and areas that elicit and emotional reaction
  • Minds: Content that informs, disrupts and educates
  • Bottom Lines: Delivering on real business objectives that matter to the client.

A summary of commitment to CPD and professionalism:

At Ready10, we have a new approach to PR but also a new approach to culture. We believe young people face challenges like never before and we aim to create an environment that develops them personally and professionally.

Our staff benefits package (Ready10 squared – 100 unique benefits) includes 13 pay days a year (with two in January), unlimited holiday, a fund for staff to gain a qualification, free home broadband…and 96 other perks. …and we play hard too: the past year have seen us competing (and eating) against each other in our monthly gaming night, agency darts and shuffleboard tournaments, cheese tasting, cocktail making and a very memorable agency away-day in Paris.

This is all borne out in the stats: We’ve only had two people leave in almost three years and we invest in staff training with 27 sessions taking place in our past year. We have monthly ‘Get Ready’ sessions to check-in on staff and a twice-yearly anonymous staff survey. In the most recent one, the average staff happiness score was 89% and motivation across the board was at 91%.

Finally, we have huge emphasis on developing and nurturing talent with 2018 seeing six internal promotions, from junior to senior management level.

A summary of recent outstanding achievements, including client list growth / retention:

At the start of 2019, Ready10 finds itself almost three years old and having just completed a calendar year of huge growth, both financially and creatively.

Our revenue continued to rise, with a 45% increase in fee income, mainly attributable to some stunning new business wins like gaming collusus Konami, AXA , Eurotunnel and the Ideal Home Show. Our revenue has also increased due to organic growth from existing clients, with MoneySuperMarket, Paddy Power and Chinese tech giant Mobvoi all increasing the agency’s working scope.

Our headcount increased from nine to 18 staff, including industry big hitters like Sophie Diner (ex-Frank Senior Account Director) and Greg Double (formerly of Synergy) joining our senior leadership team.

And the outlook for 2019 looks good too – we are coming towards the end of our third year of trading (our FY runs to April) and we are currently 17% ahead of target at this stage, and with a month to spare have beaten our target of £1m fee income and 15% margin (we deliberately set a lower margin to allow for investment – as it turns out we will still hit nearly 20%).

Finally, our work continues to deliver on our three output objectives: Hearts, Minds and Bottom lines via our unique PR-for-SEO approach that delivers campaigns that earn attention and online performance.

A summary of a campaign you are particularly proud of, including details of the brief, objectives, strategy, tactics, outputs, outcomes and budget:

We could make this a lengthy section – but here’s two campaigns we have worked on in the past three months.

Campaign: The first tech launch with a mobile phone ban.

Client: Mobvoi.

Mobvoi is a technology and AI company creating innovative products – but like all its competitors has to rise above the noise to challenge the dominant players in this space like Apple and Huawei. To respond to that challenge and to showcase its latest product, we created Look Up London, the UK’s first ever technology launch that BANNED mobile phones. Weaning ’Digital Deadwalkers’ off their devices, our event resulted in a four month website traffic high, a 400% increase in new site users, over 100 SEO links…and a fantastic gig where we managed to keep people off their phones!

Campaign: More than a game: The football match with heart.

Client: The Kanu Heart Foundation & Masters football.

Ex-Arsenal legend Kanu was well-known for his exploits on the pitch but the 500+ lives he has saved off it through his Heart Foundation was virtually a secret. So when he approached Ready10 to help curate his first-ever charity match, we jumped at the chance. Utilising our ‘Hearts, Minds and Bottom Lines’ approach we:

  • Secured design partnerships with Tinie Tempah and Mr Eazi
  • Brokered broadcast partnerships with London Live and Arsenal Fan TV
  • Helped fill a stadium with spectators
  • Generated hundreds of pieces of branded, linked, coverage
  • Crucially, raised over £50,000 for life-saving operations.