The energy and passion for the subject matter Indigo Pearl specialise in shone brightly within their entry. This is evidenced in a stellar client list, including recent wins and retained loyal customers. The judges were also impressed with the way management heroes the team, cultivating their specific skills, as seen in individual team member award wins. The team has been responsible for launching titles within the most recognisable entertainment franchises, and delivered outstanding results on often modest budgets, demonstrating the huge added value of their consultancy.


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Winner entry:

Number of employees – including executive / support staff – and annual fee income:

Indigo Pearl has a team of 12 PR and digital asset management specialists, with an additional support team of senior consultants spanning business, marketing and PR. The agency is led by founder and managing director, Caroline Miller. The company’s annual fee income for 2018 was £1.7 million.

Business objectives and analysis of performance against budget over the past three years:

Indigo Pearl is an award-winning agency, specialising in entertainment technology PR for over 10 years, and has seen strong growth over the past three years, both in terms of fees and client base.

The company’s business objectives span its PR division and its digital asset management business. The number one objective for the PR division is to continue to be the go-to specialist and consumer agency for video game makers, events and the industry in general.

The asset management side of the business has focused its objectives on future proofing and advancing its wholly-owned proprietary tech, to ensure clients such as Amazon and Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide have a safe, evolving platform for storing and sharing assets with media and/or partners.

A brief overview of business / team strategy:

Indigo Pearl is fortunate that a large percentage of new business comes from recommendations. This enables the agency to focus its resources on meeting the needs of its clients, ensuring a high retention rate year-on-year. This, by its very nature, gives Indigo Pearl a clear business strategy.

2018 has seen Indigo Pearl invest hugely in its asset management business, creating significant upgrades including making the sites mobile first and building an influencer tool to work in conjunction with its code delivery service. These sites continue to offer the very best asset and code distribution service across the whole games industry.

The business strategy is to further grow its client base outside of the games industry. All employees have a love of video games and a passion for what they do. The team’s knack of identifying key future trends has allowed them to offer specialised PR services long before they become industry standard.

A summary of commitment to CPD and professionalism:

Caroline Miller is passionate about helping her employees to progress in their careers, and to really enjoy their working lives. The company has quarterly offsites, with external speakers and trainers hired to focus on specific areas of the business.

In addition to providing training and support, the company encourages employees to highlight any training, books and events they feel would benefit them. Team members are also given the opportunity to attend industry events across Europe and the US, not as client support, but to network on behalf of the company, and to get hands on insight into how the industry looks and works in other territories.

Caroline continues to be hands-on with the day-to-day running of accounts and offers daily on-the-job mentoring for her team members. Caroline also champions her staff to the wider industry, two of which were recently honoured with individual award wins – one for Rising Star at the 2018 Women In Games Awards – and another the winner of the MCV Unsung Hero Award.

A summary of recent outstanding achievements, including client list growth / retention:

In 2018 Indigo Pearl won the MCV Best PR Agency Award for the fourth consecutive year. It also welcomed the arrival of some new big name publishers and brands to its portfolio.

On the PR side, big wins included Square Enix for its entire console portfolio and, more recently, Warner Bros for the forthcoming Niantic developed game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

On the Asset Management side, the team built a bespoke influencer tool for Sony Europe, and handled asset and code distribution for a number of blockbuster games including Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War.

The agency is very proud to have launched Fortnite in the UK – and continues to be EPIC Games’ retained agency – taking it from a small unknown proposition, to managing the communications plan for the multi-billion franchise it is today. Indigo Pearl also manages the PR for many top entertainment properties including Pokemon Go, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Reigns: Game of Thrones, Kiss Me First (E4/Netflix TV show), and many more.

In March the team worked on the London Games Festival with Game London, funded by the Mayor of London’s office. The 10-day showcase resulted in over 50,000 people attending various events including Rezzed and the BAFTA Games Awards. Coverage appeared in over 100 media outlets, and readership reached over 1.74 billion, with coverage appearing with the BBC, The Telegraph, The Washington Post, Daily Mail, The Mirror, Evening Standard and TimeOut.

Indigo Pearl’s wholly-owned digital asset management system now operates more than 15 games company press sites around the globe – including Asian markets. Clients include Activision, Bethesda, Bandai Namco Europe, Bandai Namco US, Capcom, Jagex, Sony Europe, SEGA, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Konami and Warner Bros. The team also expanded its services outside of the games industry to work on additional Amazon and NVIDIA divisions.

A summary of a campaign you are particularly proud of, including details of the brief, objectives, strategy, tactics, outputs, outcomes and budget:


The brief:

Create a mainstream PR campaign with a new and relevant tone, and generate coverage in traditional online mainstream press, online and print lifestyle media, social media, and online influencer video.

The Strategy:

Produce a number of standout news and feature creative ideas that focus on the game’s key themes – antiheroes, stunts, survival, and bringing the world of Solís to life.


Exclusive mainstream feature sell-in including the successful MTV exclusive professional stunt segment, where stuntmen rated the realism of several stunts from JC4 in a talking heads style video. Other features based on the game, the weapons, the outfits – with coverage spanning many vertical press outlets. Blanket review coverage at launch – the must-have game of the week / month.


Over 503 pieces of coverage 1.59 billion online readership. Mainstream coverage with the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, The Gadget Show, Red Bull Bulletin, Shortlist, Trusted Reviews. Specialist coverage across IGN, Eurogamer, GamesRadar, PC Gamer, Gamespot, VG24/7.

Budget: £20k including fee and costs.