In ‘Red Lioness’, Pitch Marketing Group took BT’s brief and conceived an imaginative central idea which was thoughtfully executed down to the last detail. The creative was a singular thought, well executed and reaching a country-wide audience. With this campaign, the team not only smashed the objectives set by the client, but also delivered a lasting, real-world impact. An outstanding success!

Mark of Excellence:

  • 3 Monkeys Zeno
    Heart of a King

The judges were impressed by the originality of the idea behind the ‘Heart of a King’. The impressive reach of the campaign in a crowded market, combined with the lateral thinking applied to the execution – securing relevant talent in the absence of the players themselves – led this campaign to really stand out.


  • Catapult PR
    Flag-bearing Folk
  • SmartPoint Consulting and Provident Financial Romania IFN SA
    We give art credit – stART Scholarships
  • Talker Tailor Trouble Maker and Mastercard
    RWC 2019: Mastercard Contactless Tackle

Winner entry:

Brief, objectives and budget:

  • To get at least 150 pubs to sign up to the Red Lioness Pledge
  • To establish BT Sport as a champion of women’s football and its fan community
  • To support the success of UK pubs and enhance BT’s relationships with their pubs and clubs network.

The allocated budget was £250k.

The idea, research and planning:

Pubs are vital to the commercial success of BT with BT Sport subscriptions accounting for millions of pounds in annual revenue.

But with 235 pubs closing every month, it’s imperative, for pubs and BT, that they adapt and find new revenue streams.

If the pitch is the hallowed turf, the pub is the church. Where fans congregate to worship the beautiful game.

Yet it’s a man’s world, with women making up just a third of pub visitors last year.*

And while 59% of women’s football fans said it helps them feel part of a community, they still don’t have anywhere to watch a game.**

With 1 billion fans tuning into the Women’s World Cup and 77,000 at Wembley for England vs. Germany, we were at a tipping point. We had to exploit this moment, to change pub culture and create a new home for fans of the women’s game.

On 7 November 2019, we transformed the Red Lion, Moorgate into the Red Lioness – lighting the touchpaper that would spark a nationwide movement to change the way we view women’s football forever.

Our Red Lioness Pledge signalled a commitment by pubs to screen and promote every televised WSL and Lionesses’ match, while creating a welcoming environment for all.

* -The British Pub Market: Reasons to be Optimistic for 2019.

** – Copa 90: Women’s football audience report 2019.

Strategy, creativity and innovation:

There are 656 Red Lions. More than any other pub in the UK. So, renaming the Red Lion, wasn’t a change of symbol, it was a symbol of change.

And the Red Lion in Moorgate was the ideal location for our launch. Its position in the male dominated City of London gave us an extra incentive to make this a place female fans could call ‘home’.

It had to represent genuine change. So, we changed everything. A full redesign inside and out. A new logo and visual identity. 100 years of history brought to life through photography, caps, shirts and trophies.

We even designed the world’s first (non-patronising) women’s foosball table and had our own Red Lioness Pale Ale on tap.

Delivery/implementation of tactics:

On November 7, our doors opened with celebrities, influencers and media invited to join the pride and promote the Pledge.

TV stars Clare Balding and Reshmin Chowdhury joined Arsenal’s Danielle Carter and former England internationals and pundits Rachel Brown-Finnis, Fara Williams and Claire Rafferty.

Guests got to hear from the stars, take part in a pub quiz hosted by Rachel and Reshmin, enjoy Red Lioness beer and get their names printed on BT Red Lioness shirts.

For 10 days we hosted a celebration of women’s football but created a legacy that will last a lifetime.

There were a number of events to celebrate and promote women’s football with BT Sport’s women’s football experts. These included a screening of the Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal Women match on 17 November, the first WSL match to be played at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The pub was given a makeover that includes women’s football photos and memorabilia adorning the walls, giving guests a journey through the history of the game.

Measurement, evaluation and impact:

Since the launch of the Red Lioness, Moorgate on 7 November 2019, 811 pubs have signed up to the Red Lioness Pledge. And it continues to grow.

During the 10 days the Red Lioness was open, Greene King reported a 64% increase in like-for-like sales during the same period in 2018. And sales of the Red Lioness Pale Ale were up 16% on the previous two weeks.

Key partners, Stonegate and Michells & Butlers, have now approached BT to establish long-term Red Lioness partnerships.


Total budget was £250,000.

Budget included:

  • Full redesign, refit and derig of the Red Lioness in Moorgate
  • All strategy, creative, design and visual identity
  • All bespoke signage (inside and out)
  • Furniture, soft furnishings, bespoke women’s foosball table, bespoke glassware, rebranded menus and POS
  • All memorabilia including stock photography
  • Launch event planning and execution on 7 November plus an additional ‘fan day’ on the Women’s Weekend of Football
  • Highly targeted social and press activity.

Additional financial information:

As part of Greene King’s commitment to the Red Lioness Pledge, they provided the venue free of charge including closing it for the refit on 6 November.