This was a brave campaign, tackling an emotive subject with sensitivity and creativity in a way that made sense for the brand. The judges were impressed by the campaign’s success in starting a conversation that captured attention and engagement to become a movement. Grey Doha were able to amplify the campaign beyond its roots in social media to encompass earned and paid channels, whilst never losing sight of the ultimate goal of driving sales for the brand. The campaign punched far beyond its budget by delivering clear and measurable results, including an increase in positive brand sentiment and a healthy sales uplift.


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Winner entry:

Brief, objectives and budget:


In Lebanon, patriarchal norms rule the day. Gender inequality is deeply rooted in the country’s dated laws and cultural taboos. In the shadow of their brothers, spouses, sons, and fathers, Lebanese women’s legacy stays behind closed doors. Never openly celebrated. In Lebanon, only sons’ names are proudly carried by their fathers.

Symbolically stamped with the “Abou” (“The Father Of”) label, expressing fathers’ pride, masculinity, and virility. A label that would never take daughters names .. out of shyness.


OnFather’s Day, Galler Chocolatier Beirut wanted to challenge the cultural force that has long undermined, and virtually erased Lebanese women’s legacy in their fathers’ lives. A first small step for a big change, we wanted Lebanese fathers to celebrate their pride in their daughters for once, by joining their “Abou” to their name. But what’s more, we wanted them to be our movement’s mouthpiece. Through their lens.

So how do we inspire fathers to overcome cultural taboos they proudly uphold? And how do we get them and their daughters to own and lead on our movement?


USD 2,500 spend on media buying (Facebook and Instagram).

The idea, research and planning:


Lebanon Ranks 145th in the Annual Gender Equality Report, making it the 9th most unequal country in the world.

Lebanese dialect encourages inequality.

One of the most harmful being “Abou”, a prefix meaning ‘The Father of’.

Vastly used by Lebanese dads to signify their status as proud fathers of their sons. Never their daughters.

So, how can a brand challenge the conversation around a patronizing tradition?


Our ask was simple in action, but big in impact. We knew Lebanese fathers reserved a soft spot for their daughters, but not their pride. We had to address the contradiction, start the conversation: why could they not own up to this love with the same proud label they had long reserved for their sons?

On 17th June 2019, “I Carry Her Name” (“#be7molesma) was launched on Instagram and Facebook. Teaser posts reading “You are a Piece of My Heart”, a cheeky wordplay in colloquial Lebanese, immediately piqued the curiosity of our future ambassadors . And so, we took it up a notch. We hit our audience’s softest spot with Mohammed and Dori, the proud fathers and first faces of our movement.

Our teasers spread the #be7molesma movement like wildfire. And our big reveal hit hard, with shock value that shifted the social conversation to Lebanese fatherhood’s cultural taboos, mobilizing an army of ambassadors behind our mission, and more so, behind our bold ask. For the first time, on the most public of platforms, Lebanon’s proud “Abou’s” took on their daughter’s names on social media!

The escalated movement received stars response. Celebrity dads and power female figures joined our cause and made it louder… And the campaign made the headlines of Lebanon’s top media outlets.

Our heartfelt message struck a chord. We wanted this social conversation to tangibly reach every Lebanese house celebrating Father’s Day this year. Galler’s custom collections for the occasion, joining the “Abou” label to the names of Lebanese daughters on the magnificent Galler chocolate tablets, gained daughters and mothers hearts, and special orders of Galler’s sweet custom pieces made big sales unintentionally happen!


The campaign has followed the teaser-revealer approach to drive social conversation.

The engagement was meant to convert into sales which happened with the customization of chocolate that was done for the occasion.

Strategy, creativity and innovation:

The strategic approach was based on 4 pillars:

  • TAKE CONTROL of the campaign’s messaging and phasing of the teaser and revealer stages, as well as of its objective by bringing IT to life in a physical product – Galler’s custom collections
  • SCALE THE ORGANIC NARRATIVE in a social-only activation at a minimal budget, through the clout of influencers and audiences who are most relevant to Galler’s ask
  • TRANSFER OWNERSHIP of the campaign to the audience by rallying fathers and daughters behind it and Galler’s customized collection for the occasion
  • CONVERTING OWNERSHIP TO SALES by allowing fathers and daughters to customize their own pieces for the occasion, all the while driving footfall to the Galler branch.

Creativity and innovation was seen in the unique customization of chocolate which celebrated the association of the prefix “Abou” with fathers names. The right-in-time product helped increase sales.

Delivery/implementation of tactics:

  • Relevance:

Galler needed to tie its message of women’s empowerment and defy gender stereotypes in Lebanon in an organic narrative fit for the occasion, for its chocolate brand, and for the sociocultural context, away from piggybacking on to the women’s movement.

  • Receptivity:

Galler needed to put a positive and digestible twist on its ask. It needed to rally fathers behind the sweet spot they reserved to their daughters, rather than defy the pride they held to their son’s names.

  • Ownership:

Beyond inspiration, Galler mobilized its invite by designing its custom collections for the occasion. It needed to transfer the ownership of this campaign to Lebanese fathers and daughters and have them come through its doors in a limited timeframe to customize their own collections.

As such, and considering the above challenges, Galler’s central message capitalized on the sweet lens through which Lebanese fathers viewed their daughters – a double play on it being a chocolate brand – and associated their pride with it.

Measurement, evaluation and impact:

Our all-social movement smartly combined paid, owned and earned media, amplifying cross-platform content that was produced in-house at zero cost. Lebanese mothers and daughters became our organic ambassadors at scale, taking ownership of Galler’s movement on social media, tagging their husbands and fathers, and inviting them to join their “Abou” to their names, for a real cultural change. And fathers proudly answered the call:

  • 1M social media impressions
  • 1% increase in positive social sentiment
  • 18% sales increase.

But the biggest testament to our success? Lebanese fathers finally acknowledged their pride in their daughter’s name. And once again, we delivered on our promise: famously effective work.