An innovative and perfectly timed campaign that challenged norms in a traditional sector and engaged customers to think about the climate crisis. Well researched, with delivery rooted in credibility, it positioned E.ON as a business committed to sustainability and taking action on air pollution. The strategy set clear objectives and matched them with strong, well-measured outcomes. Insightful understanding of customers and stakeholders set the scene for activity that created impact, raised awareness, changed perceptions and achieved commercial success. A great example of PR contributing to brand equity and the greater good.

Mark of Excellence:

  • Working Word
    Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

A well-thought-out, hardworking campaign that set out to change the narrative on exclusion, build understanding and support for marginalised people and celebrate their value as individuals, as well as Wales as a location. The plan optimised strong, authentic celebrity support through empathetic advocacy and storytelling. The judges were impressed by the depth of thinking behind the strategy and the multi-layered approach taken, framed by the powerful use of film. The results and legacy of the campaign are a great example of the use of strategic PR as a catalyst for social change.


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    Leeds By Example
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    Burger King Meltdown
  • Man Bites Dog and Standard Chartered
    Opportunity2030: The SDG Investment Map
  • Talker Tailor Trouble Maker and Deliveroo
    Proud to be the Second Best Delivery
  • Third City and Hoop
    Green Time

Winner entry:

Brief and objectives

Show that E.ON is no longer a business that only sells energy tariffs – instead, it provides solutions that can tackle air pollution:

Demonstrate E.ON’s commitment to sustainability, increasing understanding and propensity for E.ON’s solutions:

  • Increasing brand perception of E.ON as an innovative business that wants to tackle air pollution
  • Increasing consideration of E.ON solutions, showing why they are relevant

Raise awareness of the E.ON clean air platform through newsworthy content:

  • 30 pieces of coverage (KPI)
    • 70% to feature image or video content
    • 50% to feature research
    • 20% to include link to campaign specific landing page

The idea, research and planning

The E.ON ‘bullseye’ audience is most likely to consider energy saving services and solutions – they’re environmentally conscious and are a higher value customer.

Using CCS and TGI data, we established other audience truths including media habits and target titles including broadsheet and regional titles.

Our research showed that most people put air pollution to the back of their minds because they can’t see it, 88% are confused about it and 89% would do more to tackle it if they knew how.

This insight showed that we needed to make the invisible visible, grab attention and ensure that E.ON’s clean air credentials were at the heart of the activity.

We built LUNGS – a 16ft installation – to bring to life air pollution in a compelling way for audiences and dialled up the shock value of the build to make people take notice.

This ‘living and breathing’ installation tracked the three major pollutants from its surrounding area, and when levels exceeded World Health Organization guidelines, harmless coloured smoke was released to signify the increased levels.

Strategy, creativity and innovation

The campaign highlighted E.ON’s stance and commitment to air pollution by tapping into and enhancing media conversation – it meant we were able to raise awareness and educate, provide practical advice about clean air solutions and put E.ON at the heart of the story.

LUNGS was unveiled in London ahead of Global Climate Strike Week and London Car Free Day, and taken to Nottingham for the October half term where we hosted the E.ON Clean Air Classroom with Professor Stewart.

The dramatic launch moment ensured E.ON was driving the media agenda about this important topic, achieving standout coverage in the likes of: The Times online, The Guardian, The Telegraph and Evening Standard.

LUNGS launched alongside the Clean Air White Paper (managed by ENGINE MHP), solidifying E.ON’s plan of action to help solve the air pollution crisis with its solutions.

Delivery/implementation of tactics

  • Partnerships

We worked with credible partners and experts throughout the campaign to help build authority to E.ON’s role in the clear air debate.

Iain Stewart (Professor of Geoscience at University of Plymouth, UNESCO Chair in Geoscience and Society) and influencer partnerships, amplified and supported messaging throughout.

He was interviewed by media (including 17 broadcast outlets) and appeared across campaign content.

The partnership extended beyond the campaign; E.ON Chief Executive Michael Lewis later went on to discuss the energy sector’s responsibilities in responding to the climate emergency at the Sustainable Earth Institute public talk at the University of Plymouth.

  • Social + digital

We helped develop and leverage assets across social and owned channels, including video content and infographics that helped make some of less palatable facts about air pollution more digestible.

Influencer partnerships meant that lifestyle, health, fitness and parenting ambassadors spoke about air pollution in ways that were relevant to various audiences.

  • Integrated approach

The campaign was a fully integrated approach, with every element devised and implemented by ENGINE agencies; the LUNGS installation was made famous by ENGINE Mischief and became a focal part of the wider campaign.

The LUNGS installation was supported by DOOH, online, press and radio – all directing people to the campaign website to find out what E.ON is doing to combat the air pollution crisis. The Clean Air White Paper was released during launch week to help solidify E.ON’s plan of action to help solve the air pollution crisis with its solutions.

Measurement, evaluation and impact 

During London activation alone, traffic to the E.ON website and online sales significantly grew. We helped achieve this by:

Demonstrating E.ON’s commitment to sustainability, and increasing understanding and propensity for E.ON solutions:

  • 71% now view E.ON in a positive light (from 40%)
  • Overall sentiment has a 78% uplift
  • 17% uplift in those who would consider E.ON as a home solutions / energy supplier
  • 119% uplift agreeing E.ON is committed to tackling air pollution
  • Uplift in 83% of audience agreeing that E.ON cares about the environment
  • Awareness around E.ON solutions has more than doubled amongst target group

*Research carried out between 13 – 15 November 2019 via FlyResearch. ‘Bullseye’ and non ‘bullseye’ groups were questioned

Raising awareness of E.ON’s clean air platform through newsworthy content:

  • 54 total pieces of coverage vs. KPI of 30, in target titles
    • 75% featured an image or video (vs. KPI of 70%)
    • 75% included research (vs. KPI of 50%)
    • 16% included link to the website (vs. KPI of 20%)
  • During London activation alone:
    • new visitors represented 62% of the total
    • dwell time doubled
  • 205m earned reach
  • 02:40 average air time
  • 11 influencer partnerships
    • 244k total reach

LUNGS is a powerful campaign that created noise and real impact, raising awareness, changing perception and helping drive sales.

It acted as a springboard for E.ON to help accelerate change and show that big brands can genuinely have a positive impact on societal issues –  we put E.ON at the forefront of the clean air debate and transformed the way a big energy company is viewed by consumers and the media.

The campaign launched with a bang (including picking up PR Week’s best campaign in September) and will continue to shape approach going forward.

Most importantly, E.ON is now at the forefront of the clean air debate and has transformed the way a big energy company is viewed by consumers and media.