‘The Holiday Feeling’ demonstrated clear strategic thinking from Engine Mischief in response to TUI’s brief, alongside an approach that comprehensively used a creative array of PR tools, right down to bottling the emotional audience response that the campaign was seeking to elicit. The evaluation showed a thorough assessment of the campaign’s impact, from sales and audience metrics through to broader brand impact, demonstrating its long-term effect.

Mark of Excellence:

  • The Lucre Group
    Holiday Extras – Honeymoon Extras!

‘Honeymoon Extras’ is a standout campaign due to how it used PR to not only generate brand and product awareness but to challenge and alter consumer behaviour. The strategic response and PR tactics used were highly effective, showing real creativity and delivering results that linked back to the brief and its objectives. This campaign delivered outstanding results on a modest budget and the measurement tools used show a key understanding of the resulting business impact.


  • Anita Morris Associates and The Piece Hall Trust
    Winning local pride for world class attraction
  • Finn Partners
    Meet Your South Africa (MYSA)
  • Hotwire and HomeAway
    The Teddy Express
  • Imperial War Museums
    D-Day 75
  • One Green Bean London
    Pints in Paradise
  • Virgin Trains and Cubaka

Winner entry:

Brief and objectives.

Following its name change from Thomson to TUI, TUI had become known for ‘crossing the T’s, dotting the I’s and putting U in the middle’.

Our role was to turn this from something TUI says about itself, to something people want to talk and care about, in order to drive consideration.

Our key objectives were:

  • Increase positive brand impression by at least 20% – to be tracked by YouGov’s Brand Index
  • Increase brand consideration by at least 10% – to be tracked by YouGov’s Brand Index.

The idea, research and planning:

Our audience felt their summer holiday is a precious but small time of the year, looked forward to from the moment they click “book”. 95% of them wished this feeling could last longer.

Our idea was to unpack the holiday feeling, bring this to life for our audience and help them extend the feeling for even longer. Through our integrated campaign (earned, owned, loaned, event and even product production), we highlighted all the reasons to pick a TUI holiday, raising awareness, building affinity and ultimately even driving bookings (action). A fun campaign that would ultimately deliver serious results.

Strategy, creativity and innovation:

Our strategy was to:

  1. Make TUI famous for the “holiday feeling”
  2. Allow people to experience the big feelings TUI’s attention to detail brings
  3. Show how TUI cranks up the “feel factor” before, during and after.

In terms of creativity innovation – we decided to not just explain the Holiday Feeling but actually bottle it.

Delivery/implementation of tactics:

  • Owning the holiday feeling

A big earned media moment launched proceedings, working with UCL to really get under the skin of the elusive “holiday feeling”: when we get it, why we get it and what we can do to maximise it plus a list of the biggest and best triggers – from that first dip in the pool, to the taste of the holiday cocktail.

We recruited the suitably exuberant and joyful John Barrowman for a killer piece of content to bring this to life. Bang on for our audience, he jetted off to the Dominican Republic to help personify “the holiday feeling” and show the best bits of a TUI holiday.

The content and news story generated a burst of earned media coverage, supported by a content hub on TUI’s website and shared on TUI social. John used his own social to tease and reveal content, maintaining buzz throughout summer. We also secured media interviews and partnerships across high-indexing titles including The Sun, MailOnline and Daily Star.

  • Bringing the holiday feeling home

We opened the “TUI Holiday Feeling Hotel” – a multi-sensory media, consumer and influencer event, designed to immerse guests in a TUI holiday experience and give the holiday feeling!

150 influential guests delivered earned media and a social reach of 22m, supported by TUI social, event listings and a media partnership with OK! Magazine.

To engage TUI colleagues too, we brought John Barrowman to HQ for a meet and greet – building excitement and employee engagement.

  • Extending the holiday feeling

Having cemented TUI as the experts in holiday feelings, we wanted to extend the holiday experience and keep our target customer thinking of us for their next getaway.

We landed on “The Holiday Feeling in a Bottle”: a limited-edition moisturising lotion we developed to give a burst of the “holiday feeling”, long after suitcases had been unpacked. The lotion was infused with Mojito, Sea Salt and Tropical Palms, identified in our earlier research as key holiday feeling triggers. We made it available free via the website hub and TUI retail stores.

The fab-u-lous John Barrowman launched it in another tongue-in-cheek piece of content. This went far and wide (earned, owned and influencer). Stocks lasted just 24hrs, generating over 15,000 clicks to the TUI website as people scrambled to get their bottle.

Measurement, evaluation and impact:

We delivered vs our two key objectives with a 39% increase in positive brand impression (YouGov Brand Index) and a 17% increase in brand consideration (YouGov Brand Index).

There was an increase in internal advocacy, with 78% of colleagues surveyed saying the campaign made them feel a sense of pride to work for TUI.

We were also able to attribute assisted brand revenue to our campaign (that’s holidays booked directly from our content).

In more detail:


  • 195 pieces of coverage, 100% with 1 or more key message all over-indexing with our target demographic
  • 100% positive sentiment
  • 96% of coverage expresses TUI “cares about getting the small details right”
  • 90+ media & influencer social posts, CPE = £0.40 (benchmark £0.50).

Affinity + Advocacy:

  • 39% increase in positive brand impression (YouGov Brand Index)
  • 70% believe TUI “cares about its customers having a positive holiday experience” (Fly Research)
  • 17% increase in brand consideration (YouGov Brand Index)
  • Website hub views 390% up vs. 2018
  • 37% of visitors entered TUI competition, more than 20,000 email data captured
  • Over 23,000 engagements across campaign social content – higher levels of interaction than 2018
  • Increase in internal advocacy – 78% of colleagues polled said the campaign made them feel a sense of pride to work for TUI.


  • 53,860 unique microsite visits – resulting in assisted brand revenue of over £65,000 (PR wasn’t tasked with direct sales, but we drove them anyway!)
  • 46% of our target audience said they were now likely to book with TUI (via Fly Research)
  • 5,000 “Holiday Feeling in a Bottle” products snapped up in 24 Hours.