The judges were impressed by Taylor Herring’s ability to develop a wide reaching, highly creative integrated campaign, which, in their words, found “the magic in the mundane”. The judges were inspired by how the PR agency sold the concept to a network of other agencies, and led an integrated process from concept to execution. The campaign also delivered a new approach for selling white goods, including a glamourous, celebrity-attended Leicester Square film premiere. Overall, the campaign should be applauded for both its originality and the step-change for the team involved.


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    Bringing you Saturday Night Takeaway

Winner entry:

Brief and objectives:

Create a launch campaign to promote Samsung QuickDrive. Key objective: drive sales, fame + awareness by showcasing QuickDrive’s performance, speed and innovative design.

The campaign needed to resonate with an affluent 35+ ABC1 demographic and span the key sales period from mid-November to December 2017.

Rationale behind campaign, including research and planning:

‘Art meets technology and ‘boring’ becomes ‘beautiful’ How do you make a washing machine entertaining?

Our answer was rooted in research and insight. We knew that people spent time ‘watching the washing’ whilst waiting for boring (and dare we say hypnotic) laundry cycles to end. We tested this hypothesis via original research which found that we spend an average of 61 days in a lifetime waiting for laundry cycles to end.

This gave rise to our idea – could we make a virtue of the perceived ‘boring’ nature of laundry by promoting the fastest Samsung washing machine ever made via the disruptive medium of Slow TV and film?

Strategy and tactics, including creativity and innovation:

Promoting a new washing machine is a challenging brief in terms of creative PR. There are currently over 500 models available in the UK – to many people they all look the same. Our creative was unlike any other domestic appliance launch in history – we set out to make a functional product entertaining and put a new washing machine firmly on the news pages of the worldwide media – not once but twice.

The campaign was executed in 3 key stages; a stunt TV advert, a unique feature film and world first London premiere event – all of which were supplemented with news stories + supporting video content.

Every element of the campaign challenged conventional marketing wisdom around domestic appliances and the work helped to redefine and reframe the capabilities of a modern day PR agency in 2018.

We created the longest single shot advertisement ever screened on British TV – the first prime time ad directed and conceived by a British PR agency. We followed this with a feature film which made worldwide news, a film The Guardian noted tapped into ‘a desire for slower more mundane thrills’.

The worldwide media coverage was testament to the innovative nature of the creative. The Wall Street Journal put a product shot on the front page, BBC Newsnight played a 30 second movie clip, and numerous British news sites embedded an advert into their own players.

Implementation of tactics:


The longest single shot advertisement ever screened on British TV featuring a continuous shot of a laundry cycle. The visuals were overlaid with messaging rooted in our research suggesting ideas for what you could be doing instead of watching the laundry. The spot premiered as an ad-break takeover during C4’s Googlebox


‘Washing Machine – The Movie’. A full-length film showcased a hero 66 minute fast cotton wash cycle accompanied by an original soundtrack composed and performed by Michael Nyman. The film was announced with a blaze of publicity featuring a news story, interviews, trailers, posters and behind the scenes video content.


The movie received its world premiere at Cineworld Leicester Square on the 5th December and was subsequently made available free via Samsung owned channels.

Planning and design was key to the campaign:

  • All content was optimised for Samsung owned channels
  • The ad and the film showcased ‘Addwash’ – a key feature allowing you to add to the wash during a cycle (the only ‘live action’ in both films featured a red sock being added to the wash)
  • The vibraphone ad soundtrack made famous by 1970/80’s art show ‘Take Hart’ was selected to resonate with sweet spot customer aged 40+ for whom the tune would be synonymous with ‘inanimate’ ‘gallery style’ content
  • The ad break during C4’s Googlebox (where normal people discuss TV) represented the perfect placement for our disruptive ‘stunt ad’.
  • Michael Nyman indexed incredibly well with our core audience due to his work on the Oscar nominated ‘The Piano’.
  • The score was entitled ‘QuickDrive – soundtrack’ – ensuring radio play would be fully credited
  • The movie campaign assets mirrored those of a Hollywood film; posters, teaser, trailers
  • The art house aesthetic was amplified via minimalist style movie posters and media shots featuring artist & drum
  • Key influencers were invited to the premiere – many live tweeted the proceedings
  • We released a final PR story on the premiere day detailing the most boring movies ever made positioning WM Movie as far more entertaining than 50 Shades of Grey etc.

Measurement and evaluation:

  • 238% uplift in sales during the campaign period
  • 400+ Media articles, 100% positive in tone
  • 52% included product video
  • 165m OTS
  • 1st ever Samsung national Domestic Appliances trends
  • 15 million+ Twitter impressions
  • 38 Broadcast pieces
  • 1.5 Million online video views across all content created for the campaign
  • +10pts Increase in positive sentiment above normal levels
  • 1,775% uplift in earned impressions vs. normal monthly Samsung washing machine conversation
  • Samsung ranked no.1 buzz brand by YouGov BrandIndex in December 2017 – up 177% year on year
  • Biggest spike in annual Samsung DA conversation of 2017

Budget and cost effectiveness:

The campaign cost £150,000 including all talent costs and fees and has been signposted internally by Samsung as one of the most creative and cost effective campaigns in Samsung UK history.

The activity reached 7 in 10 of all UK adults – each of whom had an opportunity to see the campaign 3 times and delivered a huge impact on the bottom line via a 238% uplift in sales.

Hadrian Baumann, President and CEO, Samsung Electronics UK&I remarked: “A ground-breaking through the line campaign that has set the benchmark against which future campaigns (marketing and PR) will be measured. This was one of the most successful and innovative Samsung campaigns of my long career – generating a huge amount of earned media coverage and delivering against the bottom line. Simply outstanding.”