What to include:

Your entry must be no longer than 1,000 words and cover the criteria outlined for the category you’re entering. Please review the criteria carefully when deciding on which category to enter as categories can’t be changed once judging has begun.

Entries must be submitted on our online entry platform. Once you’ve selected the category you wish to enter, the text boxes related to that category will appear.

You’ll need to upload the following items to complete your entry:

  • Your 1,000-word text only submission – make sure you correctly input the text of your entry into the relevant fields
  • Any supporting material – images, press clippings and links to videos – is optional and should be uploaded one PDF document, no longer than 4 pages.
  • One high-res entry image:
  • Categories 1-24: a campaign image
  • Category 25: a front cover image of your publication
  • Categories 26-27: an individual headshot in portrait format
  • Categories 28-30: a team photo in landscape format
  • One high-res company logo.
    Note: Category 25 also requires one or two e-versions of your publication to be uploaded.
  • The maximum size per file is 10MB.